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Hip-Hop Agora

Hip Hop Agora is an art-based interdisciplinary program for high school students who are interested in art, love Hip Hop, and appreciate design aesthetic. Created and implemented by the Bauhaus Group, this is a year-long program that combines elements of Hip Hop, art, and architecture to encourage participants to reimagine neighborhoods, meeting spaces, and public squares. Its curriculum prompts students to investigate and celebrate the rich cultural history of social activism found within Hip Hop, the diverse expression available in art, and the craftmanship of design.

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Marlon Forrester, Artist/Lead Design Artitect  


Marlon Forrester, born in Guyana, South America, is an artist and educator raised in Boston, MA. Forrester is a graduate of School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, B.A 2008 and Yale School of Art, M.F.A. 2010. He has taught in both secondary and collegiate institutions and developed art based curriculum that incorporates both Foundations in Art and Elements of Design Thinking for students in Boston Public Schools with over ten plus years of experience as an Visual Arts educator. 

He is a resident artist at African-American Masters Artist Residency Program (AAMARP) adjunct to the Department of African-American Studies in association with Northeastern University. He has shown both internationally and nationally, concerned with the corporate use of the black male body, or the body as logo, Forrester’s paintings, drawings, sculptures, and multimedia works reflect meditations on race and social justice in America.


School of The Museum of Fine Arts Bachelor of Fine Arts

Sept 2005 - May 2008

  • Studio Art: Painting/Printmaking

Yale School of Art

Master of Fine Art

Sept 2008 - May 2010

  • Painting/Printmaking/African Architecture/Post-Black Theory/Design Thinking

Boston Public School

Visual Art Educator 

Sept 2004 - present

  • Multicultural Interdisciplinary curriculum, Project Based Learning, Visual Art Investigation Strategies, MA Arts Common Core Standards  


  • SMFA/MFA 2018 Traveling Fellowship Recipient 

  • 2019 Sontag Prize Nominee

  • Painting/Drawing Nominee 

  • Yale University: President's Public Service Fellowship 2009  

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